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02/18/2019Elder Jerry Williams Fear
Psalms Chapter 27:1
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02/10/2019Elder Jerry Williams Benjamin: The Beloved of the Lord
Sunday Morning Deuteronomy 33:12
This verse, spoken of the Lord's love of Benjamin, is a picture of His delight in His church.
Download Elder_Jerry_Williams_-_The_Tribe_of_Benjamen.mp3
02/03/2019Elder Jerry Williams "The Redeemer's Prayer: An Intercessory Plea
Sunday Morning John Chapter 17, Verse 20
Download Elder_Jerry_Williams_-_Pray_For_Those_Who_Believe_Today.mp3
01/27/2019Elder Jerry Williams "The Redeemer's Prayer" continued
Sunday Morning John 17
Continuation of prayer the Lord prayed to the Father
Download Elder_Jerry_Williams_-_I_Pray_For_Them_Which_Thou_Given_Me.mp3
01/20/2019Brother John Harvey "Faith, Hope and Charity"
Sunday Morning 1 Corinthians Chapter 13:13
"And now abideth faith,hope and charity; but the greatest of these is charity."
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01/13/2019Elder Jerry Williams The Redeemer's Prayer
Sunday Morning John Chapter 17 Verse 1
"Father, the hour is come......"
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