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06/17/2018Elder Jerry Williams The Lord's Prayer: "Thy Kingdom Come"
Sunday Morning Matthew 6:10
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06/10/2018Elder Jerry Williams Things We Should Do In Secret
Sunday Morning Matthew
In Secret: Giving Alms, Prayer,Fasting
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06/03/2018Elder Jerry Wlliams The Narrow Way versus The Broad Way
Sunday Morning Matthew 7:13
In this passage, Brother Jerry examines how the Lord defines Discipleship and its impact on our lives.
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05/27/2018Elder Jerry Wlliams "Judge not, that ye be not judged."
Sunday Morning Matthew Chapter 7-1 and 23
Due to technical difficulties, only a portion of this discourse is available.
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05/20/2018Elder Jerry Williams Be Careful For Nothing:The Undue Burden of Worry
Sunday Morning Philippians Chapter 4:6
In Paul's parting words to his beloved brethren at Philippi, he teaches them against worry. This same admonition applies to believers today and how we can guard against worry.
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05/13/2018Elder Jerry Williams The Heart Be Established With Grace
Sunday Morning
As Grace is the under-girding of God's mercy towards us, the understanding of grace in our lives is always iimportant to visit and revisit.
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