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08/20/2017Elder Jerry Williams Hope (Hope For The Resurrection)

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08/19/2017Elder Jerry Williams The Sermon At Memorial For Brother Oscar Rawls

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08/13/2017Elder Jerry Williams Manna: What is it?
Sunday Morning Exodus 16:4
How manna was given by God to His people in their wilderness journey; how we are today sustained by the Lord's gospel in our pilgrimage journey in this life. While manna did not make men Hebrews; the gospel, not giving eternal life, nourishes and abides with us.
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08/06/2017Elder Jerry Williams Paul's Epistle to Philemon: The Power of the Gospel of Christ
Sunday Morning Philemon
Slavery,Humility and Reconciliation
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07/30/2017Elder Jerry Williams The Courtroom of the Mind: Justification by Faith
Sunday Morning Romans 5:1
"Therefore, being justified by faith, we have peace with God...."
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07/23/2017Elder Jerry Williams Grace
Sunday Morning
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