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02/19/2018Elder Jerry Williams The Doctrine of Election: What are the responses?
Sunday Morning Luke Chapter 4
Brother Jerry explores the most common reactions to this Biblical doctrine: From rejection and anger; to ambeveilence to joy and comfort.
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02/11/2018Elder Dub Hatten "Choices"
Sunday Morning Ephesians 1:4
Brother Dub uses Ephesians Chapter 1 to prove that God made choices of His people according to His good pleasure. We also make choices which have consequences.
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02/04/2018Elder Jerry Williams "Are You Hungry?"
Sunday Morning Matthew 5:6
Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness...
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01/30/2018Elder Jerry Williams Blessed are the meek
Sunday Morning Matthew 5
Meekness is not weakness. It is strength under control.
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01/21/2018Elder Jerry Williams "Blessed are they that mourn..."
Sunday Morning Matthew Chapter 5, Verse 4
What does it mean to mourn for sin?
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01/14/2018Elder Joe Asbell Romans 5, verse 1 through 21
Sunday Morning
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